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Experience the very best of web3 gaming on the Yesports platform. Yesports is powering the next wave of traditional gamers & esports fans across to web3 with easy to use and powerfully simple platform features built for the gaming convergence


Web3 Gaming

Seamlessly plug into and experience a range of leading web3 games via the Yesports gaming Marketplace.
Access, buy, trade and sell in game items and rare collectibles only available on the Yesports platform listed by the best of Web3 gaming studios.


Customisable Digital Memberships

Create customised digital memberships and unlock next-level fan rewards & experiences with easy to use Web3 tech. Digital memberships
enable fans to access a range of exclusive
content, merch and membership perks that are fully customised by each team to reflect the experiences desired by their fans. Incorporating a 3 tiered system, fans can purchase gold, platinum or diamond memberships and activate ongoing rewards in both digital and IRL worlds.


Esports Centric Metaverse

Dive deeper into the world of web3 gaming and explore, connect & engage with top tier esports teams, leading web3 games and a range of esport gaming experiences including livestreams & exclusive game beta testing events inside a gated esports arena.


Powered by $YESP

$YESP token holders will be able to drive direction of the platform from day 1, through governance & voting. With a complete stack of utility options, $YESP powers digital marketplace benefits, staking & LP rewards alongside a range of stake-to-engage programs that foster longevity within the Yesports ecosystem.


The Yesports Roadmap – Building for Convergence

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